A bird's eye view and listen to their new album

I was lucky enough to get invited along to The Quay Sessions with Edith Bowman on Wednesday. Okay, it's a given that if The Fratellis are playing in Glasgow I'm usually there, thanks to my bestie. Even more awesome when you get a front row seat. Rachel Sermanni was playing a live session too, the sun was out in Glasgow for the first time in...well...months. It was already promising to be a good night.

The Fratellis rocked it, playing some of their new stuff with that distinct, unique sound that they have. The new album Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied is out at the end of the month and is the result of them spending 6 weeks in LA with producer Tony Hoffer. Catch them on tour if you can cos there's nothing better than seeing them live and having the ringing in your ears to remind of what a great gig it was.

Listen and watch them on BBC Scotland The Quay Sessions.