Almost done and grateful.

I decided to do days 6 & 7 together as this C9 Cleanse has become a bit of a way of life and isn't such a chore anymore. That's a good thing right? Like I said before, I'm already thinking about how I'll keep this up and planning for Wednesday morning when the cleanse is all done and dusted.

That's where the Hairy Bikers and their lean mean cooking comes in. I'll also be keeping an eye on calories for the first time in my life and eating in moderation. I won't be eating just for the sake of it. I'll also have that glass of red in moderation too. I have to admit, I haven't even missed it. Although I did have a nostalgic moment the other night when I sniffed someone's glass of red. But that was enough to satisfy my brains craving.

The past two nights I've had the pleasure of the Hairy Bikers company in the kitchen and cooked up a couple of dishes. First up was the Mediterranean burger and tonight was the Cajun chicken. Both served with sweet potato wedges. I wasn't disappointed. I'm already planning on cooking this weeks meals from the book even if the cleanse is over. I had to upload the images in colour too as they look way more appetising than being in black and white.

Just something to tempt you with...

I'll also be continuing with the Aloe Vera gel...I could I...but I had already been taking one shot in the morning to fill me with goodness, so why not. Something I'm not sure of is how reacquainted I'll become with my Aeropress. I thought I'd miss coffee way more than I have so maybe I'll just see how that goes.

What I won't miss however is having a smaller muffin top. I know I didn't have a huge one but it was growing due to my love of food and drink these past few months. Now it's fading away. I think I want it gone forever. In fact, I know. The only muffins I want are the drizzly lemon ones from M&S. Have you tried them? On that note, I'll stop as I'm making myself dream of food and at this time of night that is not a good thing.