If the Hairy Bikers can do it, so can I.

After a lengthy chat the other night about what meal we would eat if we had the choice and how taste doesn't need to be compromised on this cleanse, just calories, Kev mentioned The Hairy Dieters cook book. He'd seen people post about the meals on a C9 Cleanse Facebook group. Result! 

So I went straight on to Amazon, checked out the reviews and ordered it. Good old Amazon. It arrived today. The recipes look excellent. As we flicked through the book admiring the photos of the dishes, we were scrambling to the bottom of the page to check out how many calories were in each portion. All were less than 600, some even less the 300. There's no chance we'll be starving on this. Now all we had to do was decide what to cook first.

That would have to wait until tomorrow as another friend on the cleanse shared some of her mum's homemade vegetable curry with us. All we added was a chicken breast. Again I struggled to finish it even though i wanted to lick the plate it was so delicious. That's the thing with this cleanse, you don't even feel the need to overeat, never mind try.

Most of you will have heard of the Hairy Bikers or even seen their cooking programmes and how they love cooking and certainly enjoyed scoffing a pie or two. Having decided to shed a few pounds themselves, they did it in a way where their recipes were lower in fat and sugar yet still tasted amazing. I like their thinking. I've become totally aware of calories yet when you see how their food is packed with taste (I was drooling as we thumbed our way through the book) it's achievable to still eat the things you love.

So tomorrow will be a good day. I'm making their Mediterranean Beef Burgers and adding sweet potato wedges. Watch out for the post on Day 6. Yum...