Halfway through and it's actually good.

I'm late posting as I've been busy but haven't forgotten any gels, pills or meals so that's a bonus! I seem to be into the swing of things, the hurdles of being organised have become less, it's getting easier and my days have been kind of non eventful as I've been busy at work. I know I didn't mention anything in yesterday's post about peeing considerably.

Don't worry...I still am. It's just I've become used to it.

Yes, running to the loo every 10 mins or so can take it's toll but it's a small price to pay for how energetic I'm feeling and the fact I'm up and out of bed without the aid of a caffeine injection these days. It also adds to your exercise quota so every cloud and all that.

Day 4 did see me wilt a little mid afternoon but I think that was due to being out late the night before and not packing enough fruit to graze on throughout the day. I was really looking forward to my dinner I can tell you. Grilled chicken, sweet potato wedges and broccoli doesn't sound much but the meal at night really fills you up. I've found a whole new appreciation for food. I love it more (if that was possible). I'm not eating just for the sake of it and I finally realise that it's fuel for your body. I can't believe I haven't given in to any temptations, nibbled on some treats or had a glass of wine. I feel great for it and am amazed at how much energy I have. I also feel normal for the first time in years.

For my exercise tonight I went to Pole Physique and took a choreography class there. I confess I didn't exercise the night before but this class more than made up for it. It was a hot, sweaty mess of a class - in a good way - learning a pole routine to Michael Jackson's Who Is It (have a listen). If you haven't been to any of the classes here and learned a few hair flicks, body waves or danced in heels then you should bloody do it. I promise you'll have the best time and learn a trick or two from Tiff Finney.

I realise I haven't mentioned weight or measurements. For a start I don't have scales and had to go to a friends house on Day 1 to weigh myself. And I decided not to take any measurements until the end. I want to surprise myself. This cleanse, for me, wasn't about weight loss, it was about feeling normal again and kick-starting my body. It's certainly been worth it and I'd recommend this to everyone struggling with tiredness, poor eating habits and dragging themselves through the day.

P.S. I'm not being paid to write rave reviews about this...I am genuinely impressed with the difference!