At last but not least.

At last I can reveal something I've been working on for the best part of this year. A brand spanking new website for Merchant City Yoga. It's been a great job to do and was a challenge, especially finding the right tone of voice for this no nonsense yoga place right in the heart of Glasgow.

Judi Farrell, the owner, has a clear vision of what she wants to do and how she runs her business. Last year was eventful when her long standing yoga home in the iconic Peckham's building closed down unexpectedly and she was in Australia at the time.

Talk about bad timing.

However, that didn't phase her at all. After a temporary home and months of searching, she finally found a permanent home in the Jacobean Building, a stone's throw from where they were in the first place. How ironic is that.

We've also been working on some filming and you'll see that soon enough. And I've decided I need some yoga in my life so I may see you in a class.