I survived Day 1.

What was the first thing that entered my head as soon as I woke up? I actually felt good. The last thoughts in my head the previous evening were of food. Lots of it. And how cold I was and was this worth it? I'm glad I went to bed in a mood and ignored any temptations. Because this morning I felt better for it.

Those who know me well, know that I am not a morning person. It takes me at least 30 mins to feel slightly normal before I can even think of getting out of bed. I usually feel really ill due to my sleep patterns and energy levels being all over the place. I've never quite put my finger on why. I am a terrible sleeper. Sometimes I'll sleep for 12 hrs, sometimes 6 and each time I still feel shitty in the mornings. Then there's my best friend Aeropress. He's usually enough motivation to cajole me out of bed and indulge in a warm cup of his freshly filtered delights. But I'm not allowed to enjoy his company on this C9 cleanse. So we've decided to not see each other for a while.

I was up and out of bed in no time, downed the tasty shots and packed the shake, tablets, a plethora of fruit and off I went. So much for me thinking I was organised. I realised when I got to work I had forgotten the aloe vera gel. "It'll be fine" says me, 'I'll text Kev, he'll have his with him and I can nip round at lunchtime for a couple of shots". (Definitely not the usual type of shots we rack up but hey ho.) His reply "Aw, naw!! I forgot mine and wanted some of yours". We're doing well aren't we?

So how was I feeling today? Definitely not as hungry, had a slight dull headache on and off but nothing too bad. My energy levels were surprisingly high and I was multitasking like there was no tomorrow. For someone who loves a duvet day and spends a lot of time in bed, I was feeling really motivated. I also got loads of shit done! I launched a client's website, finished writing copy for another one, picked up business cards from the printers, amended clients artwork, wrote 3 blogs, dealt with an electrician, a stubborn wireless printer, sent numerous emails and felt like I'd had a good day at work, all by 5pm.

Things can only get better right? Especially when you're walking around Glasgow Green for your leisurely exercise, and halfway around we both realised we really needed to pee. We frantically, almost desperately, looked for options. I was unsuccessful being a female. And the fact that it was still daylight. Our pace increased and I even ditched the lift to the 5th floor. We know that being desperate for the loo and waiting in a lift can be disastrous. So the stairs it was. I made it. Just.

After torturing ourselves with Hairy Biker's food chat we'd had whilst out walking (they do healthy meals that are under 600 calories and perfect for the C9), Kev had a brainwave and cooked us some warm vegetables. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Kale, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and some chilli flakes made it even more tasty. Marco Pierre White eat your heart out.

It's 10 pm and I've been chasing my tail to make up for leaving the gel behind. Last 2 to go and no doubt I'll be peeing all night. At least tomorrow it's only 2 shots in the morning. Woo...