You don't have to be Scottish to appreciate a wee dram.

I came across this advert thinking it was the new one from the brand Johnnie Walker. But after some digging to find out who the agency was that created it and the director, it turns out it wasn't produced by the brand themselves. Or and agency. In fact, chances are Johnnie Walker might not even know it exists.

It turns out the work was done by a couple of students, Daniel Titz and Dorian Lebherz, who are studying at the Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg in Germany and they made the ad on spec. "Dear Brother" follows two brothers as they make their way across a rugged Scottish landscape, the Isle of Skye to be precise. The voiceover talks about being free as they climb the hills, marvel at the landscapes, reminiscing of their childhood and the bond they share in their gestures and glances. The brothers stop for a wee dram in a ruined farmhouse before making their way towards the sea. I won't spoil the ending for you so just go watch it. Or you might have already before actually reading this. Either way you'll agree this is a pretty brilliant and inspiring ad that's beautifully shot with that twist at the end.