Bah humbug. So what?

So...what to do if you're not feeling the festive spirit? And haven't indulged in drinking any to pretend that you are full of cheer? Fear's allowed. You don't necessarily have to be a bah humbug at Christmas, you can just remove yourself from any celebration that is gently touching on this holiday celebration. It's actually much easier than you think.

Here are my tips for avoiding the Christmas hype. Trust worked. Although I did miss two fire alarms in two days due to wearing earphones but there's always someone that will rescue you. Even better if it's one of the firemen.

1   Celebrate the Winter Solstice instead.

2   Don't buy any festive food or snacks. No cranberry filled sausage rolls or cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon.

3   Leave the country.

4   Don't book an appointment at your hairdressers. Everyone wants a new do for Christmas. (Sorry Kevin).

5   Spend time in a floatation tank.

6   Wear earphones. Listen to disco music. (See Late Nite Tuff Guy).

7   Avoid the shops. Shop online. That's what t'internet is for.

8   Don't drive into town.

9   Avoid television. Watch Netflix or boxsets instead.

10 Do your end of year accounts.

I'm spending Christmas Eve doing my accounts. My accountant will be so proud. So will I as I've done none at all this year. However, I'm not all doom and gloom. For 20 years my mum has organised a Santa Run that goes around our village. It's a collection for local charities and all the villagers get a knock on their door, the kids can have a pic with Santa on the float and they kindly donate their hard earned cash for others less fortunate.

Usually I help by counting the money but seeing as we're short of walkers to knock on doors, that's what I'll be doing. And I'll be saying Merry Christmas to everyone who donates. How's that for managing to avoid Christmas! this time of year as much as the majority of people celebrate, it is a time of sadness too. Some people are without loved ones for the first time, some remembering loved ones that have gone too soon, and there are people out there always less fortunate than ourselves. Not even when my dad was recovering from a brain operation one year or terminally ill the next year did the Santa Run stop. Mum continued to make sure it happened. It's all for a good cause regardless. And like I said...there's always people worse off than ourselves. It's just nice to remember that.

Happy Christmas eh :)