Yes, you read that right.

Finally I get to share the recent film we made. It's about men doing yoga. Say what? I hear you...and that's the point. Who'd have thought men actually went to a class full of women and joined in their yoga class. But when you attend a class at Merchant City Yoga there's a whole bunch of guys there already doing it. And they're not all doing it secretly. Some actually started yoga with their girlfriend or wife and when the female half of the duo gave up, the guys kept going.

There are loads of benefits and reasons as to why you should do yoga. I'm not going to preach to you. Hell, I preach enough to myself about attending a class in order to find some peace and quiet in my day without my phone, texts, emails, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and everything else that distracts us all from what we should be doing. However, that good night's sleep is certainly worth it when you've treated yourself to a yoga class and some essential me time.