Yes...pun intended.

This week's sneak peek of my work in progress is for a man who's not too shabby with a pair of scissors. He's chalked up quite a few years in the hairdressing business working for salons around Glasgow and Manchester before finally coming home to roost. 

A sneak peek of the new brand coming soon.

Kevin O'Neill opened up the only Adee Phelan franchise in Scotland last year, built a great business, won the Wella colour awards and has just competed in the Edinburgh finals of Wella's TrendVision 2015 Awards with three of his stylists having been selected on the basis of their creativity, technique, colour and talent. The talented Ainsley got through to the finals in London in October and they all can't wait for that.

So what does he want from me? A new brand for the salon. He does hair, I do design. Match made in heaven.

He knows what he wants in terms of branding and colour and I am listening to him, then pushing (translates to debating) with him. Exactly what he does to me when it comes to doing my hair. He doesn't always do what I want but I'm always more than happy with the outcome. It's a love/hate relationship isn't Kevin?

So if you haven't been to check out his salon, complete with piano, retro jukebox, china cups and a big jar of sweeties, go now, you'll love it.