It's a fact. He even won an award for it.

One of my favourite clients (ok, you all are) was recently nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Autistic Society. I was under no illusion that he would win…and he did! What a great achievement. 

Jim is a genius in my opinion when it comes to dealing with people and autism, and I'm not the only one who thinks that. You'll see his philosohy's why he makes all the difference to parents, teachers and people with autism.

Jim Taylor's philosohy on autism.

I first met Jim a few years ago when he was at Scottish Autism and I worked on the account. It was great to work directly with him and the kids at the school he designed and set up.

When he went out on his own he looked me up. Being able to build a brand from scratch based on his 37+ years of experience was a great opportunity. From deciding on the right name and the design of his brand to the website and down to his brand voice, it was one of the best jobs to work on. And it still is. 

It's not just colleagues, friends and families that think he's the bees knees, the industry does too.

Have a look at his website, I'll keep nagging him to get some more of his ramblings up there too. Along with his eclectic taste in music.