And if you haven't, you won't forget her in a hurry.

Tiff Finney is a client you won't forget in a hurry. Never mind the fact that she won't stop until she gets what she wants, but if you ask her to do something she'll stay up all night until it's done. I'm not kidding. Working on the Pole Physique brand, her personal Tiff Finney brand, photoshoots and website was epic to say the least. And I love the final result. 

tiff lying on the floor of the buff club

This is where the Caddie+Co. collaborators came in handy. It's definitely the way I like to work and the best way to make sure the right people work on the right job. Mandy Fleetwood and I worked on Tiff's personal brand and website making sure everything reflected her personality. After all, that's what people are buying isn't it. Paul Muir's images were perfect for the style of photography that we wanted. So it was a win win situation all round.

Take a look at the site here and if you fancy it, sign up for some classes.