A few years ago I worked on coming up with an idea to help fund SVR's campaign to build supported and assisted living in Glasgow. SVR - Scottish Veteran's Residences provide support and independent living for veterans in several locations throughout Scotland. This was one of the best and most worthwhile shoots I was involved.

I went from having a tank as the initial idea. Believe it or not the tank was easy to source. And yes, I managed to track down Gary Tank Commander's very tank.  However, building regulations, health and safety concerns led me having to resort to Plan B, which was definitely not a disappointment.

We got to shoot on location with the TA, play with smoke bombs, take part in their exercises out on fields with plastic bullets mock battles, and we also got to sample their rations. Needless to say the weather in Inverness was not kind to us but the hospitality, involvement of the volunteers and everyone else involved made it certainly worthwhile.

You can still donate to their charity as they provide services all year round.

Photography: David Boni
Job done at The Lane.

soldier and sofa shoot for SVR