I've been a massive fan of Spike Jonze since Art School so I may be a tad biased but you can't deny this collaboration will get you commenting on it and you'll either love it or hate.

it's deranged, a bit mental and a tad demented featuring a possessed dancer, who is the actress Margaret Qualley, and is less like an advertising campaign and more like a freaky music video. It's not your normal type of perfume ad and will certainly catch your attention. Even if you're wondering "What the hell is this?"

The four minute long ad for Kenzo's new fragrance is titled 'My Mutant Brain'. Says it all really. The choreographed routine has the dancer swanning round a fancy venue indulging in back flips, swan dives through a giant floral eye ball, sculpture licking, laser firing fingertips and there's not a hint, or a whiff, of any reference to the scent.

I loved it.

It reminds me of the video Jonze did for Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" track which had Christopher Walken dancing through an empty hotel.