Fancy footwork with my fancy camera.

Last week I took delivery of a new contraption for my camera that I wanted to try out. It's a rig system for stabilising any camera filming that you do.

So who better to try it out on than one of my clients, Tiff Finney. We had a bit of an impromptu dance session so I could capture some footage to edit with.

And it turned out pretty good. Even if I say so myself. We also have a bit of a plan in place to develop the business and share tips and tricks with her many fans and students. We'll share more of that news when we're about to launch.

The past few weeks have seen me filming a bit more and I've loved it.

I used to film a lot of TV commercials and online videos whilst working at different agencies over the years, so I'm a tad excited to be getting back into it. I may even dig out some of those commercials and post them on here. I've worked with many talented directors and brilliant production companies, met some amazing people and had the best laughs on set.

I look forward to sharing some more filming stories as I get out and about doing some more.