Ok, not quite a real punk but that's his stage name and I'm sure lurking beneath the surface is the true punk in him. The punk I'm referring to is Artpunk, the photographer. I've worked with him before and love his no nonsense approach and style of photography, which made him the first choice for the look we were going for.

I love my job. Especially if it involves being on a photoshoot or a film set. So I was in my element when Pole Junkie asked me to set up a photoshoot for their first Autumn/Winter Lookbook. They've come along way in the last few years and had decided the next step would be to shoot their very own Lookbook and showcase the attitude and style that the brand has built. 

It was the perfect opportunity to shoot some behind the scenes goings on and I made it into a short video for their website and social media. You can take a look at the final shoot on their site here

This year I intend to do more filming and editing. I always forget how much I enjoy it. So if you've any ideas, send them my way and let's have a chat.

Thanks to Artpunk for the photography, Alana at Gloss for makeup and of course the models on the day.