Let's see about that.

That's what I've been reading about lately. I'm not making any promises to myself but if I make a conscious effort to do it then I should just bloody get on with it. I tell my clients this all the time. Just write a blog...write about what you're reading, what someone said to you today that made you think...what you questioned yourself about today...what you enjoyed doing this week...what you're listening too...what got your goat. And yet, I haven't written on here since, well, since far too long.

Last year I came across a guy called James Greig. Go check him out, he makes a lot of sense and you'll enjoy reading his posts. Now, he set himself a writing challenge of 1,000 words every day for 30 days. He publicly posted this so as to make sure he would stick to it and if he didn't he gave himself a fine of £100 for every day he didn't do it. That money would then be donated to charity. Easy, right? Well if it was easy for everyone to sit down and write then we would all be doing it. Even on Mondays, even on days we don't feel inspired, or at times we think we have zilch to write about.

He writes about the difficulties of having things to write about, what time of day worked for him to write, he even wrote standing up. Read his reasons as to why he set the challenge and tips here. Meantime, yes after all this time, I think I need to do this. 1,000 words a day? I don't know but at least I'm making a start instead of just emailing clients his article and saying 'Look, you can do this!'. I'm setting myself a challenge. I'm not going to beat myself up about it as I want it to last more than 30 days. I want this to be the norm and to make me a better writer, if only for me. And to also get rid of opinions, court opinions and make my blog more sociable so some people may like to interact and share their opinions with me.

What are you writing about?