I say this a lot. It's because it's true.

I've been meaning to write about this topic for a while. It's something I really believe in and always tell my clients. After all, when they're selling their services, the public/potential clients/customers are actually buying them as individuals too.

People can see through the fickleness, falseness and downright fakery of anything these days. So trust and believability has become a major part of how we all do business.

People not only buy into your personality, they buy your experience, your knowledge, your opinion, your passion and also why you do what you do. You wouldn't be doing it if you weren't good at it. Right? You'd soon be found out if you weren't.

Genuine working relationships are now something that I can choose to have. We've all had to put up with clients in the past that are pains in the asses but they paid a lot of money and created a lot of havoc.

But now…now…I get to work with real, nice, honest to goodness people because life's too short to spend it debating over a five word headline, a full stop and whether or not QR codes are effective. (They're not. And no one uses them apart from some German guy. Did you read about the Heinz QR code?)

It's about giving people a context too. When there's context, there's meaning. And when you have meaning you have emotion. And when you have emotion, people have a desire. A desire to have what you have, work with you, understand you and share an experience with you. It makes it all the more enjoyable.

It's also not about forcing people to like you…it's about being easy to like, and let's face it, that makes all the difference.