For people who don't do om.

I've been doing quite a bit of work for Merchant City Yoga recently. This place is a bit (or quite a big chunk) of a haven for broken people. Not just broken bones but the broken-ness that comes with tiredness, stress, aches, pains and let's feel a bit better about ourselves mood that we sometimes become aware of.

It's also the perfect place for people that don't do yoga.

street yoga from merchant city yoga

Seems a bit of a strange statement but they like to keep it real when it comes to yoga. It's no nonsense, you can dip your toe in or jump right in - it's up to you.

And if you don't want to om then you're all the more welcome.

Judi Farrell, the owner, has a way with words and a unique style of teaching that doesn't scare you, encourages you, uses straightforward language and has her own interpretation of how to find that inner peace.

If that's what you're looking for of course.

If you just want to do yoga and revel in the glorious deep nights sleep that comes with it (amongst other things), then pay a visit.

We've developed a new straight talking brand voice and look for their marketing. I always think it's important to capture the client's voice. After all, that's who people are buying into. A brand new website is almost complete too so watch this space for it going live soon.

If you fancy joining a class or course then here's the site to book on.