So the C9 Cleanse is over.

Days 8+9 were easy and I was starting to panic about how I would keep this going. Some people continue with certain elements of it but I now wanted to take this feeling good a bit further and seeing as I had so much more energy I wanted to get back to exercising. Or at least doing something. Tough Mudder seems a long way off since I completed it last year and haven't really done anything since. Today I'm working on a plan to keep going and organising my food, vitamins etc and continue what I started.

The last 2 days I indulged in the Hairy Biker's recipes and I will continue to use them. They don't compromise on taste even though they do in calories. That's what we like to hear. I even managed a lunchtime yoga class yesterday at MCY which was a really great break in the day. And of course, I got an even better nights sleep because of it.

I suppose you all want to know about the weight and inches I lost? I lost 5 1/2 pounds and 3.5 inches. All from the areas I wanted to. Bearing in mind the weight loss for me is a bonus. I literally did want to cleanse my mind and body of toxins as I had been overdoing it and I wanted to feel less shitty and ditch the constant tiredness once and for all.

It's certainly worked and changed my attitude to food. First thing I did this morning now that the cleanse was over? I made a coffee and reacquainted myself with my Aeropress. I'm afraid to say that I couldn't even drink it. I think our relationship has definitely cooled but that's good with me. Protein shakes and water will do me just fine for now.

I wonder how I'll feel about red wine...