At last I am live on t'interweb.

Well…this hasn't taken me long at all. No siree. Let me introduce myself.

First off I'm a procrastinator. Albeit only when it comes to my own decisions that affect me. Feels good to say it out loud. Doesn't mean to say I'll always do something about it. Or get shit done. Or free my soul from the procrastination dilemmas I face on a daily basis. But this I tell you, it's a start.

I also have to state that I'm a creative, a word that conjures up all sorts of other words, but in essence I'm a problem solver, a fixer, a thinker, a doer, an imagineer (not the type who devises Disney theme park attractions - but wouldn't that be good?), a dreamer (see previous), a people person, a creator and of course someone with a serious case of wanderlust.

So what do I actually do? Those of you who know me will know I love words, pictures, ideas and asking a lot of questions. I've been a creative for quite some time (for the most part of 20 years but let's not digress). You can always take a look at my Nancy Drew inspired LinkedIn profile and read about the agencies I've worked in, the brands I've worked on and those I've helped to create. Now I'm doing it all for myself.

And I thought it was time to take my own advice (yeah we're all good at that aren't we). I am being my own client. I'm putting myself and my work and my ramblings out there. That's what I tell my clients to do so I thought I really should do it myself. I pester them to promote their brand, their voice, their services and what they love doing. I annoy them to write blogs, update their sites, engage on social media, strive to be the best and always love what they're doing.

So, it's about time I took my own advice.

Meantime, whilst I procrastinate about my website design in the background (do I really need one at all?), I'll be updating this with work, people, places and stuff that means something to me, and maybe even you.