Last month Heather Robertson, hair educator and Carol Mcluckie, who is one of Scotland’s leading makeup artists, put together a wedding shoot and I got the opportunity to be involved.

Despite the fact that it was Easter Sunday and a bank holiday weekend, none of us complained as the shoot started early and finished at lunchtime, so that meant we still had the chance to escape for a wine in the sun. Or at least enjoy being outdoors for a change as it turned out to be a surprisingly sunny, warm day. In Glasgow that’s a rarity these days.

Since first meeting Heather I have worked alongside her to develop her freelance business and several brands that she has launched in the last couple of years. There’s definitely no stopping her as she’s on a roll. I created her HRHair brand, the Salon Confidence Club and most recently her Life Coach brand when she trained in another field which definitely helps her deliver training and coaching to to anyone who attends the courses she puts on.

I love collaborating with people because often being a self employed freelancer you tend to spend a lot of time on your own. A lot. That’s one of the reasons I added the Co to my name when setting up as collaborating is definitely a plus side of this business.

The Co, in Caddie+Co. also means I get to pull in the right people whenever the job allows and create some pretty cool work working alongside other talented creatives. And I’ll be showcasing those very people in upcoming blogs where I’ve interviewed them about the work they do. That will come soon.

But for now, check out the behind the scenes video I shot and if you need any hair or makeup pro’s then look no further. Their Instagram links are below.

Hair: Heather Robertson
Makeup: Carol Mcluckie
Model: Gillian Cheung
Pictures: Kit McNee
Video/Art Direction: Sharon Caddie