In the last post I wrote about stumbling across Ian Sanders and singing hallelujah at the top of my voice. So I'm sharing the very video I watched that helped me go back to my roots, find out who I really am and what actually makes me tick.

Often we end up doing stuff that isn't us. Or not what we want to be doing. And stuff that sucks our will to live. But we just get on with it. Well, why should we? It's important to know where that fire in our belly comes from.

I remember being in third year at secondary school and asked by the female careers guidance advisor about the subjects I'd chosen and what I wanted to do. I stated I wanted to go to Glasgow School of Art and study design. That didn't go down well. I was immediately "advised" that it was extremely competitive and hard to get one of the 150 places. And maybe I should consider taking the secretarial studies class and had I thought about becoming a nursery nurse.

I was genuinely horrified and to this day I've never forgotten what she said to me. It's safe to say I didn't take her "advice". I went with what made me tick. I also got an unconditional offer when i applied to GSA and stuck two fingers up to her suggestions. 

Imagine you know who you are, what fires you up and what makes you tick? Yeah, imagine. Figuring that out means we could all be doing what we wanted to do and living our childhood dreams. (And that's not me saying that with an evangelistical tone). Just watch this video of Ian Sanders produced by The DO Lectures, and more importantly listen. 

There's a chance you'll get lost on The DO Lectures site as it's full of interesting tips, stories from an inspiring network of people. I hope to get the chance to attend one day and meet them all.

Pic: Copyright of The DO Lectures.